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Marriage is once in a lifetime kind of thing and not something to be taken lightly. It also worries me that he mentioned only financial reasons to get married and not the fact that he wants to be with his best friend for the rest of his life. Just keep that in mind and trust yourself and know when the right time to get married is. I wish you the best of luck! Oh no, he was romantic about it and had other reasons for getting married besides the money. He said he's never been in love with anyone else like he is with me and wants me to be in his future.

The money was just an extra incentive. Like many other redditors, you were right not to marry him both for financial and logical reasons. You're also too young to be married and I know that there's plenty of young married couples in the world and on Reddit.. Explain to him that you want to wait until you graduate and he is back from deployment. A lot of things can happen back home but a lot can happen on tour too! Say you want to see how compatible you two will be after the next few years.

You're not ready, you're also very young. There's nothing wrong with waiting. Even though the age gap isn't massive it is important here. You guys are at completely different stages in life. I mean you can't even drink yet if you're in the states. I would just say you feel too young to make this decision yet. Be honest with him.

Age 20 is just too young to get married! Finish your education and mature before you legally commit to one person for the rest of your life.

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At age 27, plenty of people are ready to get married, but 20 is a whole different ballgame. I'm sorry for the caps but, please, do not get married to man you've seen times a year for the past two years.

Aside from all the sensible, practical reasons like your education benefits, your relationship is not ready yet and I think you know that. I would recommend living together, for the whole year for at least three years. It's easy for a relationship to be blissful if you only see each other a handful of times a year but marriage is lifelong commitment. It's dirty socks, chores and being able to live with your partners flaws.

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More importantly, you're only 20 years old. You've been with this man since you were He's the only adult relationship which you know. This in itself is fine - I met my SO of 8 years at 18 too but please believe me that you have so much growing to do at your age. I can guarantee that the person you'll be at 25 is not the person you are now.

The worst thing for your life would be an unplanned pregnancy compelling you to marry your boyfriend at this point in time. The first year living together is extremely difficult time for adjusting to one another. Even though I was seeing my husband every day for the first two years, us living together was a difficult transition. However we did grow closer and get married after that first year living together.

Your 20 years old. I think 25 years old is a good age to think about getting married. Your going to change so much between now and then, you probably won't even be with this guy in another 5 years.. Maybe but I doubt it. Your busy now with school but eventually your going to be done but are you going to be able to wait around on him for months or even years at a time?

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My friend is married to somebody in the marines she gets really lonely. The biggest concern you should have is the way he reacted when you said, your in no rush and want to finish school first, and he shouldn't expect you to put him first. You should stay right where your at, god for bid he changes his mind or finds somebody else and then what do you have?

You've spent most of your relationship long distance anyway, you should live with somebody for a good 3 years before you even consider getting engaged, you see each-other in person 4 times a year. I don't think anybody should put up with that anyway. If your entire relationship has been long distance and you only see each other times per year you have to consider there are aspects of him that you may not be aware of. With the way you describe your relationship you could be spending the entire time together in the honeymoon state without ever having any difficulties.

Do you two ever really argue? In addition I'm sure he's feeling rejected right now and his pride is probably hurt. He needs to learn how to communicate his feelings rather than lash out at you bc he's hurt. This may be a matter of communication. As a military spouse who got married as soon as she graduated from college was long distance for a year before marriage , you are absolutely right to wait. Getting the financial support with being a military dependent is tempting, but should not be the reason that you marry.

I am betting he's hearing some stories from coworkers right now about girlfriends and spouses cheating while they're on deployment or getting "Dear John" letters.


He's probably reacting poorly to your "no" because there is a fear that you will cheat or leave him while he's gone. Not because you would, but it has happened to a lot of military while deployed. To him, the idea of getting married before deployment was probably something that made him feel much more secure. Is he getting deployed to a particularly risky area? Other than the pay raise, do you think maybe he wants to get married before leaving just in case something were to happen to him? You guys need to talk about the pros and cons of this quick marriage.

Also does the military give you any money for school for being married? Basically he'll be on a carrier in the Pacific Ocean in the time he's out, waiting on standby in case the country goes to war or needs marines to carry out a mission. Even though the US is in peacetime, the country constantly has ships out everywhere all the time just in case.

5 things you should know BEFORE dating someone in the Military

The first marines deployed into Afghanistan after were already out on a ship, just waiting for orders. They don't expect to see action or anything, but shit happens. The only reason I do is because my dad was in the Navy for 29 years and he signed his GI Bill over to me, which I'm eternally grateful for. He would get benefits after he gets out, but I want him to use those for himself.

I don't remember all the particulars, but from what I've heard, most military groups offer more incentives to its married soldiers like more pay, better benefits, better housing. We are living there for "free", but it comes out of our pay automatically before we even see it. Now, if that private were to get married, he and his wife obviously can't live in the barracks together.

So they either move out in town, or they live on base-housing. If they choose base-housing, they only see a small increase in pay for food allowance com-rats. They won't receive the big amount because they are paying to live on base. The house and utilities water, electricity, trash, lawn services are being taken care of through the military.

I can't remember now, it's ridiculously low. Married people get more, and if you have kids, the number is higher. There's no way the military takes housing and food costs out of soldiers' base pay. Quit spreading misinformation, or show an LES with personal information blacked out to prove it. What branch are you in where single troops get BAH? Ok lets just clear this up. I should have clarified in my last post but I will explain myself further.

I was referring to that being the total amount rated by an E-1 private that gets base pay, BAH housing , and BAS food money paid directly to them. If you are single and are not authorized to live out in town and must stay in the barracks the only part paid out directly to you is your base pay. People that live in the barracks receive a meal card to compensate for the BAS taken out of their pay so that they may eat at the chow hall without having to pay out of pocket for each meal.

Which is ridiculous anyway because BAS rates are pro-rated to mimic the cost of eating at the chow hall three times a day which more often than not doesn't happen so the military makes a little money each time you eat out in town. But anyway back to the subject at hand. The same thing happens with BAH, if you are not allowed to stay out in town for whatever reason the military deducts your BAH from your paycheck to cover the costs of you staying in their barracks.

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Much more cost effective for them since they have already built these big giant sub-par buildings that is much cheaper to have you live in than paying you to live out in town. But back to subject, "misspiggie" what YOU said isn't accurate assuming that the more dependents that you have you get more money. The military doesn't care how many kids that you have. The only "reward" you receive from having more kids are the tax breaks that come along with it but that has nothing to do with the military.