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The rising popularity or waning attractiveness as well as the flings and fashion trends of singers, actors and celebrities are highly popular conversation topics and tabloid material. Indeed Hong Kong's thirst for gossip is not limited to local celebrities, but extends to celebrities from Taiwan, Japan, and to a lesser degree, those from Korea and Mainland China.

Something of a gambler maybe Playing for money is an accepted activity in traditional Chinese culture. Even family members and friends put sums of money as stakes when playing mahjong or other kinds of card games.

Indeed if you are a girl with indoor interests like video games, karaoke and board games, then you are likely to hit off with a guy from Hong Kong. Men here are more into board games and video games rather than into outdoor activities. Follow traditional beliefs For all its financial and commercial progress, men in Hong Kong continue to hold certain traditional beliefs close to their hearts.

For instance people here are quite avid followers of concepts like feng-shui which are thought to be strong enough to make or break a business.

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Thus in Hong Kong you will find expensive and multinational construction companies hiring feng shui experts for consultation. Also other objects like Ba gua mirrors are still regularly used for their purported effect in deflecting evil spirits.

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Even buildings may lack any floor which has number 4 in it since it sounds similar to the word for "die" in Cantonese. In the context of relationships too, you are likely to find your boyfriend from Hong Kong holding traditional values with regard to gender roles. Thus even if a woman has an active full-time job, her male partner may continue to expect her to take care of most of the domestic chores as well.

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Indeed several media reports have described a rising trend of Hong Kong men marrying women from the Chinese mainland since the women there can be expected to conform to a traditional subservient norm of marriage than their counterparts on the island 1. However things may not necessarily be dull as far as the social scene in Hong Kong is concerned.

Skip to main content. You are here Home. Gold diggers are never fat. Second, successful and rich men like to stay healthy and fit too, and they often go to the gym to work out. Go there every day at the same time, so those rich boys will recognise you and say hey.


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Suki Chui and husband Kenny Wee. Karmen Kwok and Richard Li. Kate Middleton and Prince William both went to volunteer at Chile with the same organisation before their first year at university. Let men see you as someone who is intelligent and kind. Shanghai women are known to be meticulous about their appearance.

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It was said that in the past, even if the Shanghai girls were poor, they purposely put oil on their mouth to show to people that they were not poor and could still afford to eat food cooked with oil. Playing hard to get is really important — men enjoy the thrill of the chase! How to play hard to get? Here is an example: When Rupert Murdoch wanted Wendi Murdoch to be his girlfriend, she said no. I need a good job. I started from China and have worked so hard to get a degree from a prestigious university. Now I have a good job. If the relationship fails, then I lose everything. I will marry you.

Go to the right parties. Guess where Mark Zuckerberg met his wife?

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