Dating my best friends ex girlfriend

However, how you ask will make all the difference. According to Fabrega, once you decide to proceed in getting closer to this person, try following these tips when having the conversation with your friend:. Friends having beers iStock. Couples Dancing And Drinking iStock. Of course, seeing your ex with a friend could be hurtful at first. Was it because one of you moved for their career and the other didn't want to? These kinds of things can end well enough that moving on should be very natural.

On the other hand, was there cheating involved? In that case it's probably in everyone's interest to steer clear of each others' friend groups regardless of who was the perpetrator and who was the victim. Speaking firsthand, my first relationship was not good. It was tumultuous, somewhat emotionally manipulative, and there was some major sexual baggage. She started sleeping with one of my friends, though not a close one, literally while I was on the vacation during which she broke up with me. It was a really bad time for me and I developed some serious issues to work through.

I didn't really blame the childhood friend because I don't think he really knew the extent of the problems from our relationship and I tried to just grit my teeth through it. A different set of friends I have are in a different situation altogether. The woman A had dated one guy B when they were younger. They broke up, but remained very close friends. Later, my friend C and I met the guy B , and through him we were introduced to her. Now, that's slightly different I guess because guys B and C didn't know each other first, but they did become friends before A started dating C.

Never is the only acceptable answer in my mind. There are millions of single women out there. The few times I've seen people do this, it was always a comfort based decision that shows total disregard for the best friend.

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Date someone else, period. I moved away half way through High School, my boy called me a year later asking permission.

Be prepared for consequences you might not like

I respect him so much for that. It's been a long time since the breakup and said friend is both entirely over the girl and has no hard feelings towards them. So I'm justified in my hate for my ex best friend and my ex wife getting together before our divorce was final. There's 3 billion of them. Don't go for the one that will make him feel bad. It reflects a scarcity mentality and a lack of empathy. The very first time I saw her I turned to him and said I was going to ask her out, but because I didn't live that close to where he and she did at the time he got the jump on me.

Water under the bridge, it's not like there weren't other girls I could try to date. Not that long afterwards I actually moved in with him, and the three of us would hang out in the common areas of our apartment pretty frequently, so we both got to know each other pretty well.

After the two of them broke up, she and I continued to hang out since we were pretty good friends by that point. I didn't immediately try to get into a relationship with her, but I realized how much I liked spending time with her and could tell something was starting to spark between us. When we did get serious I told him so that it wasn't a complete surprise he did know I hung out with her and her friends often and in my mind I justified it because I told him my intention to ask her out as soon as I saw her, because we had legitimately good chemistry, and because he had ended the relationship and was already dating another girl.

Of course, the fact the we still lived with each other and she would come around pretty frequently was awkward and definitely a bad move on my part, but I think this is about as close to OK as you can get with something like this. I really, really tried to avoid framing it like that because that's so skeevy but, yes, that's essentially what happened.

Ultimately the relationship I got was good, but didn't last due to reasons not related to this story.

My friend, another friend, and myself spent the Friday night before last organizing Magic: Hell, I even got a dog out of the relationship, and he ended up married to the girl he dated afterwards. I would definitely not do it again just because looking back I can see how preposterously awkward it was for my friend, but without knowledge of how things would turn out I thought I made the right play for the kind of future I wanted at the time. If you've talked to him about it and everyone is on the same page regarding the possibility of you dating her.

Some breakups are bad, and dating the ex will never be okay. Some breakups fade over time, and some are even cordial.

Explain a time when dating your best friend's ex-girlfriend is ok. : AskMen

If you're concerned about what your best friend thinks, there's no way around it but to ask him, and get his blessing. When they split amicably, he's in a different relationship but they're still friends, and he doesn't give a crap. When both your best friend and his ex girlfriend are still respectful to each other and understand that the ex girlfriend is more suited to you, not to them.

Hes dead and his last wish was for you to take care of her and they child they had together. And even then its fucking weird. If you talk to him beforehand and he doesn't care, you're fine. If he decides to change his mind after the fact and say you betrayed him, that's his problem. I went through something very similar with my boyfriend's ex. When you think she is an acceptable choice in a life partner. Just it didn't work out with your friend, doesn't mean it won't work out with you and her.

Also, not all relationships end in flames. Odds are if you're still interested in dating her, it didn't end too badly. But you should discuss it with him first, in any case. If you clear it with them first. Don't date your friends or family ex's without checking with them first if you value your relationship with them. Well I sort of banged his ex. I only found out afterwards that they actually dated.

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I never told him, they don't speak anymore, she's moved away really far and it was a one night stand really. It's not worth telling him. When they've moved on. I'm not talking the friend dating someone else. I'm talking actually moving on. So if you just happened to become the interest of his best friend this would be ok? I can't believe I thought of letting you fuck my dog.

Dating Your Friend's Ex

An amount of time equal to that of their relationship must have passed, and he either must be okay with it, dead, in a coma, or in some remote village building huts for the Third World and therefore clearly unreachable. If your best friend has died AND you and his ex find yourselves living miles away from your original friend circle.

I've never been one of those guys who says "never" in this situation yeah, I get it, I just said never.

But for me the situations are rare. My friends could date the girl who caused me the most strife in my life, and who I liked the most. As long as he doesnt let her badmouth me too much I'd be fine because I want 0 parts of her.

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If someone dated my most recent fling though, I'd be kinda hurt. I'd express that but some guys won't.