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On the right side it then should say "Source: Click the "Multichannel" tab. Click on each speaker to provide a test tone to make sure each is connect properly. Then click on "Apply". Go to "Preferences" and click on the "Disc Setup" tab. Feb 18, Then click on Configure Speakers, and select Multichannel and select the setup in the drop down menu to the right. You can then test each speaker to make sure sound is outputting correctly.

Jan 9, This was just the name of the one I used. Sep 16, 4: I have had the same problem but have fixed it so hope this works for you. You can then select Configure Speakers, Multichannel and 5. When testing the speakers you may have to use the drop downs under each speaker to change the numbers for which speaker is where. Mar 8, 7: Jul 6, 2: So when using a program such as Logic Pro in which you can mix 5. Jul 8, 4: If I go to the speaker settings and select multi channels the 5. Jul 20, Aug 11, 4: Aug 20, Jan 7, 7: I have a follow-up question to this original post I haven't tried any of this yet since I just ordered a new iMac and haven't received it yet, but will definitely try it out once it arrives on my cheap RCA receiver haha.

I know it has poor reviews on Walmart, but honestly, I've had this for about a year now and absolutely no complaints.

Connecting MacBook Pro to home theater system

If configured properly, the device works flawlessly. Not the best speakers, but not bad Just don't know if it'll work with the new computer. As long as the setup from the original post works and 5. This is my only reason for wanting to output in 5. Feb 15, 9: I have been able to output 5. This setup is via PCM 5. If you want to play your edited exported movies from Final Cut Pro x in surround then it gets a bit tricky. Thanks for any replies. What are your sound preferences when you're connected to the receiver? Why isn't your sub being engaged when you feed the receiver a stereo source?

Doesn't the receiver have a setting to route signals below a certain frequency to the sub? My Sony ES receiver will happily do that even in direct mode. Putting up with cheesy fake surround seems like a steep price to pay just for some bass.

Outputting Channel Surround Sound fro… - Apple Community

That said, I don't know why you can't apply fake surround effects to the signal from your Mac. It should just be a 2-channel PCM signal. Pro Logic and Neo 6 can be applied to any 2-channel signal, including a digital one. Is your receiver actually receiving some other type of signal from the Mac?

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Well, there's a "Stereo" mode for the purists, and then there's a "Multi-Channel Stereo" mode as well. I'll have to doubt check. Simply pushing to the Multi-Channel Stereo seems a bit heavy-handed. The surround and centre channels are far too loud for my taste.

Connect Apple TV to Surround Sound System

With the PLIIx and Neo 6 modes, I can set the "panorama" amount and centre channel "width", both of which make a big difference to the sound and are a nice balance between the Multi-Channel Stereo and pure Stereo at time. How would I go about checking this? Just based on what the display on the receiver says? I'll have to double check this too when I'm home.

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  5. Thanks for your reply. I'm actually more interested in why things are behaving this way than I am in being able to use the surround modes. I could live without them fine, just doesn't make sense that they're unavailable. Can't say I was even aware of its existence. I'll give that a try. By default, the "Format" is set to 8ch—24 bit integer. Setting this to 2ch—24 bit integer makes thing behave the same as when going out the headphone port and my sub happily shakes my teeth out of my skull now. Thanks for the tip!

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    Excellent, glad it helped! It's an annoyingly hidden away program, and not at all intuitive when you're trying to fiddle with audio settings.

    rithimemou.tk It'd be nice if they rolled those settings into the 'Sound' preferences or something.