Cs go matchmaking same ip

Xifide View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by Grizzledorf:. You cant exactly que against eachother in competitive. If you were both on the same team, you'd see the same things, even if one person was dead.

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Im not so sure this was done intentionally. Most people have problems are in dorms.


CSGO ping just won't go down - PC Gaming - Tom's Hardware

But in this situation, they're in diff rooms in the same house. VPN is slow and choppy though. There's nothing else that will work? Might as well use a proxy then, proxy would probably be faster if it would even work with steam. You have to set the clientport for each account in your csgo launch options. My roommate and I encounter similar issues playing Left 4 Dead 2, this is the solution that fixed it for us.

Valve will ban Steam cheaters via their linked phone numbers

Edited due to me not remembering the port range correctly. View Profile View Posts. Wait so colours, give me an example. Start a New Discussion. Discussions Rules and Guidelines. This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic harassment, fighting, or rude posts.

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Thanks for the replys but I have been unable to sort this problem out. It's still not working.

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Is there anyone else out there who is playing CS: GO on a home network? If so, how did you set it up?

INTENSE MATCH - CS GO Matchmaking (Gold Nova 3 Competitive)

Are you on a wired or wireless connection? Magnavox View Profile View Posts. You'll have to go into your router and make sure certain ports are open and that your router can in fact give multiple IP's. I can play with my wife through our wireless router with no issues. Didn't do anything special for it. No other games have caused any problems so far.

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Just adding to this. I also tried adding them to the shortcuts on the desktop. No luck with either. Vitdom View Profile View Posts.

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Giving one client a different port will create two unique sockets, effectively solving your issues. This will make the issues unsolvable. If it still doesn't work, buy a new router. Last edited by Vitdom ; 16 Apr, 4: Can you confirm that this is the exact way that this needs to be added spaces, text, etc?

CSGO ping just won't go down

When I launch the game on both of our PCs we can see each other as friends and on the game list but we seem to only be able to "Invite" each other to a game and we don't get the option to "Join" the others game, if you know what I mean. This sounds wrong to me somehow. I haven't worked with the Userconfig. By the way thanks for all the help from everyone so far, I appreciate it.

Originally posted by Dave:.