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With the couple being introverts, it can create tense situations where neither one really wants to take charge. Sometimes there will be situations where one person has to play the role of extrovert, and deciding who can be uncomfortable. One person is going to have to step up, and sometimes making the choice can be challenging. This can actually put pressure on the person in the couple who is a bit more outgoing, since they feel the need to be the social one in the relationship.

This can become somewhat draining for the more outgoing introvert, and causes them to feel like they have to push themselves when they are also feeling overwhelmed. Introverts understand and respect the need for space and plenty of time alone.

Love between two introverts

When introverts date other introverts, it can create a truly safe space to recharge and be alone. They need plenty of space as well, and it helps them give one another this necessity. The fact that introverts will give each other much needed alone time, is one of the most beneficial advantages to this type of relationship. This creates a much more comfortable relationship, without the stress and pressure to expend energy they do not have left in them.

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Introverted couples will often find themselves spending time in the same room, without bugging one another or sapping their energy. They will relax together and feel safe inside of their own thoughts without having to constantly speak out loud. They often think before they speak, and spend a lot of time considering their words.

This is actually an advantage, because they often mean what they say to one another.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of an Introvert Dating an Introvert

Instead of saying hurtful words they do not mean, the introvert prefers to take time to consider what they truly want to express. This helps refrain from having toxic fights, where the two people in the relationship lash out without actually meaning what they are saying. Sometimes it can be a disadvantage though, if the introverts express things in a harsh way and at the same time mean exactly what they are saying.

Now I only need to figure out how to find someone who fits the bill. They both cheated me for guys who are as loud as they are. This led me to believe that introverts are only meant for introverts. I belong to both sides of the spectrum because I am an introvert at heart; but because of my upbringing and social isolation, I thirst for communication.

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  • Do you have and article or advice about this? Omg, I just realized my ex bf was introvert, we broke up after dating 5 months was so sad meanwhile I am very in to him and he told me that we are not match and broke up with me was so terrified, I really like him he is so calm and affectionate meanswhile i like to talk, i am outgoing person.

    I am so down I want him back now I understand him after reading some article about introvert, any advise?: Your email address will not be published. Love between two introverts by Michaela 26 comments. Jane on June 19, at Margie on June 19, at Michaela on June 19, at I am ,really happy to hear it , introvert have a world beyond materialistic life! Nikki on March 1, at Anonymous on June 26, at 1: I can relate to all of this…. Thank you so much! Crystal on July 19, at 8: Ken on June 3, at 9: What part of the country are you Crystal?

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