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No one cares about home brew Hobbies are good. We appreciate that you have a hobby.

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Everyone wants us to try their new beer. This one tastes like cherries, this one goes down like root beer. It gets tough spending most of your time supporting someone's dream of being the next famous so-and-so. This is just a bad idea in general. No one wants to see your junk. This includes you, ladies. Foodie culture If you enjoy knowing from which region your balsamic comes, then you can stop reading this now. Do you prefer your persimmons farm-to-table?

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But after a while, everything is old hat. And forget about trying to date anyone who grew up here. We use cookies to collect and analyze information on site performance and usage, and to enhance and customize content and advertisements. By clicking 'X' or continuing to use the site, you agree to allow cookies to be placed. To find out more, visit our cookies policy and our privacy policy. Or sign in with a social account: The least dramatic couple in Colorado say hi.

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Max and Dee Bernt at Flickr. Teague Bohlen December 6, I'd break up with her, but her balcony is killer. Tom Adamson at Flickr. I've been reading all over that Denver is a paradise for women because the city has so many single men and men outnumber women. Right now I live near Tacoma and Ft Lewis military base and there is very few single people to begin with, as most people marry young here and most soldiers get married to local girls here. Although, I still know the environment also is a factor, which is why I am posting this thread.

I am hardly a super model, but just average looking guy. Although, I use to get a lot of female attention back in my bodybuilding days; but, those are long gone. I'm older, have less hair shave it off now and not jacked and ripped as in my 20s. I'm also wanting to get more active , do mountain hiking and hope I can live an active lifestyle. However, I am not into hiking dates or engaging in any type of romantic pursuits through rigorous outdoor activities.

I know its strange, but when I am engaged in physical activities that is all I care about. Instead, I would be more interested in meeting women in more intellectual or personable settings. Of course, I keep hearing how Denver is the most outdoor and active city in America.

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I'd be interested in pursuing romantic and platonic relationships with people hopefully engaged in various other activities. Anyway, I have been throwing around the idea of relocating to Colorado, because it seems more Libertarian friendly than some places. I want to avoid stating my political background, but it may give some people insight as to who I am. I'm also going to look for a Jewish community to attend if I move there and I have heard there are a few synagogues in the area, although Denver doesn't have too large of a Jewish community. I'm not too religious, semi-observant, and I would probably not date any religious girl, as I rather have a more secular relationship.

I also plan on never marrying and even though I love kids, probably won't have any.

And, of course, I wonder how hard it is to establish friendships with people in Denver area? Would my ethnic or political background turn people away as it does in Seattle? Are people very hardcore into their political and social beliefs or is it more of a live and let live culture? In Seattle area, many people are super busy all the time and introverted and usually like to be left alone and form a little niche group of friends. Friendships take a very, very long time in Seattle and people are usually superficial and polite, but it is not easy forming connections.

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There is a certain culture of mistrust and fear I feel among people where I live. The phenomenon has been referred to as Seattle Freeze and it feels real to me for the 5 or 6 years I have lived here.

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  6. I'm not sure how the mindset is in Denver. Oh yeah, as a software developer, how hard is it to network with other software developers in this city? In Seattle, I find the introverted rat-race culture to make it a real challenge to network and get involved with other developers. I'm wondering if the software people in Denver area are a bit more easy going and sociable than in the Seattle area? It's not a deal breaker, as I know the IT industry spawns introvertedness, but I have heard Denver has a thriving tech scene and it would be nice to do some networking if I can.

    Anyway, I appreciate people's responses and sorry if threads like these have been beaten to death a million times. I guess I figured I may have a more unique situation and outlook and would be interested to hear people's opinions with my particular background. Last edited by RotseCherut; at So over half the city is in a similar situation to yourself; new, interested in meeting people, looking for a change from the old, maybe reinventing themselves.

    For some, this is a dream, for others, it will take some work. Denver metro has a broad spectrum of persons, religions, activities, attractions, and lifestyles. Odds are, with what you've laid out here, you could fit in reasonably well. Fitness and activity is one of the hallmarks of the area. Dating seems to always bring out some deeply held opinions about how bad it is here. Perhaps it is my blissful ignorance of how bad the scene was when I was single to know what a good dating scene actually was. I never had any trouble dating in Colorado when in my s, but, I also had a broad range of activities that engaged me regularly, so I wasn't looking for a different female companion three or four times a week.

    When I wanted a date, they could be found. Otherwise, there were things where there were predominately male participants, and some that were co-ed. Obviously that meant meeting the opposite sex had better success rates in some activities compared to others, but I sincerely doubt that is unique to Denver and any metro is going to have that issues to some degree.

    A great start for you is the JCC - you get your gym and your Jewish community in one: Dating is easy depending on your interests.